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Building a strong foundation for your law practice.  Maintaining it for a lifetime.

Venture out on your own.
Start and grow your own law practice.

Introducing Civil Action Finance, Ltd.'s, YOUNG LAWYER FINANCIAL PROGRAM

Achieve professional and financial independence right away!

Civil Action Finance, Ltd. understands how difficult it is for a recent law school graduate or a new practicing attorney to begin his or her own practice without the capital and legal support structure to make it happen.  CAF's Young Lawyer Financial Program offers you a way to hang your shingle and start practicing law right out of law school, or any time after that, when you are longing to break away from that silk stocking law firm and venture out on your own. You will not find any financing program like this anywhere in the legal financing or banking industry!


CAF's program is a one-of-a-kind financing plan designed exclusively for recent law school graduates and young lawyers who have been in practice for a short period of time.  No other bank or litigation financing company can offer you the money or terms and conditions that we can.  And no other bank or litigation financing company can offer you all the legal support services you will need to practice law.  Check out our services at

Let Civil Action Finance, Ltd. be a firm foundation for the lifetime of your law practice!

Most banks are reluctant to lend money to young lawyers because they have no track record in the industry, they have few clients, and they often have student loans in excess of $100,000.  CAF views young lawyers differently.  CAF believes you are the future of the legal profession.  CAF believes that by providing young lawyers with legal support assistance and financing, we are not only fostering customer loyalty: we are jump-starting a law practice that is going to provide legal representation to people and companies across the U.S.


What do you need to start your own law practice or venture out on your own with some colleagues?

You need cases.

You need staff to work on those cases.

You need money to fund those cases.


Where can you get two out of the three things you need to start your practice?



The process is simple.

Click on apply online to download and complete the confidential, secure application.  Submit your application and someone with CAF will be in touch with you right away for additional information and to answer and questions you may have about enrolling in the program.  Terms and rates will be determined by the information contained in the application.  An annual processing fee may apply if your application is approved and you begin participating in the program.  Call 1-800-328-7171 if you have any questions or need any additional information during the application process.

Obtain the financial backing and legal support assistance you need to have a successful law practice from the outset by working with Civil Action Finance, Ltd.

Building a strong foundation for your law practice.                                                    Maintaining it for a lifetime.

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